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about us


oh, hey there!

My name is:  morgan

I'm from:  houston, tx

years in business: 5

About me:
I've basically had a camera in my hand  since I was in high school and have always had a passion for anything "Artsy".  I graduated from shsu with a B.A. degree in interdisciplinary studies, but After college I decided to turn this hobby & passion of mine into a full-time career! being able to make new friends and create fun and lasting memories for others is one of the best parts of my job.  

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my husband Nathan & I have been together for over 15 years & have been married for almost 9 years!
when he's not working full time in marketing, you'll either find him on the golf course or helping me at photoshoots. i'm so grateful for his constant support.

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we have the cutest pup brody,
a mini golden doodle with
the biggest personality
that keeps us constantly entertained.


random little facts

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i'm obsessed with
gilmore girls!
I couldn't even tell
you how many times i've watched this show. it's
on weekly at our house. 

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I love to host & plan events/parties for
myfriends & family.

my friends call me
the morganizer 


my favorite candy is 
anything sour or fruity like; sour patch kids, 
skittles, sour strips or nerd ropes. so gooood!

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i love to read and
have been really
into books 
Freida McFadden 

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